Call Tracking for Local Websites

Guide to call tracking for your local Rank and Rent websites

A very important part of all rank and rent websites is call tracking and I will go into details as to why and the systems that I personally use.

Why is call tracking important?

Besides knowing when you get calls, for how long etc, call tracking will provide you statistics that you will be able to use to get your website rented.

Call statistics is ammo that you use when pitching a business to rent your site and it will put confidence in your rank and rent website to anyone thinking about using it as a marketing source.

My Call Tracking Setup

Right now, I have a two-part setup for my call tracking. I use a combination of Twilio and Jensen and between the two I get everything I need to track all my phone calls, full tracking and statistics and more which I will go through later in the post.


TwilioFor years (on and off projects), I have used Twilio to buy phone numbers and set up call forwarding and it worked perfectly.

There is some learning that is required to get the system working for you and I will be honest, some of it was a little too hard for me so I did not use some of the features that can be used with coding.

But… don’t let that scare you because there are loads of tutorials online and on YouTube that will guide you to get what you want out of Twilio.

With the data provided by Twilio, I have been able to rent websites and you should not have a problem either.

Phone numbers are about $1 each per month and you will need to add a balance for all call forwarding you set up.

Setting up an account is very easy and you can start purchasing numbers within 5 minutes and starting the process.

Jensen has been a breath of fresh air for me and the way I control my numbers… are you ready for this?

As I mentioned earlier about Twilio, understanding the code and getting it to do what you want cant be tricky as you have to code your numbers, well Jensen AI does all the heavy lifting for you.

When you sign up for Jensen, you link it to your Twilio account and then manage your Twilio numbers via Jensen. It writes the code for you and it makes everything so simple.

The dashboard is very well laid out and it allows you to see all your numbers, calls etc at a simple glance.

Jensen makes it very easy to buy new numbers via their dashboard without ever logging in to Twilio which makes life so easy!

Updating your numbers is very easy, you can add so much to your numbers that will alert your client that this call is from you etc via a whisper.

The statistics that Jensen provides you is immense:

  • The number who called
  • If the call was answered
  • The duration of the call
  • A call recording
  • and so much more

The call recordings are so powerful because now your clients cant come back to you and say they did not get the calls you say because you can share the links and they can listen to themselves speaking to the client.

You can see all their call features at

Jensen Call Tracking is $49 per month and it is 100% worth every penny.

My Advice on Call Tracking

Call tracking is a must and the above options are exactly what I use. 

Now you may not be in a position to afford but that’s ok, Twilio will work for you and when you are in a position to afford their service I highly recommend it. 

Hope this post helps you with call tracking. 

** All links in this post are direct to their websites, no affiliates.

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