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Keyword Research for Rank and Rent websites

If you do a simple search on Google or Youtube for the search term “Keyword Research” you are going to get a tonne of information on the topic and a lot of it is very useful. I will be honest, I learnt most of my knowledge from doing searches like that.

In this post, I am going to go through how I personally do my own keyword research and show you the exact tools I use to find the perfect niches.

Keyword Research Tools

Below are the tools that I use when doing keyword research, the majority of them are free but one or two are paid…

And the above tools are what I use to do keyword research.

Home Make Tools

There is a document that I put together that has been so useful for me as it helps me looks for the perfect combination of “Niche” & “Location”. Below is a copy of the document that you can use and make a copy of it. 

It has helped me greatly and hopefully, it will help you.

My Keyword Research Process

Finding a gem of a keyword for your Rank and Rent website is a combination of a Niche and a Location.

To find the perfect keyword, I head over to Google and start mixing and matching niche ideas with locations.

 Eg: Dog Groomer Colorado Springs

Below is an image of what I see when I do the search… Look out for the search volume underneath the search bar and the Moz metrics under each of the ranking pages. 

Keyword Research on Google

Right Click and download the image to view it better on your computer

What should you be looking for?

The two metrics I look at when doing keyword research is search volumes and competition. What you want to find is a search term that is getting a decent number of searches per month and the ranking pages for that search term are weak.

It is only after I have found some decent keywords will I start analysing the ranking websites.

What do I personally look for in a keyword?

When I am doing keyword research, there are a few factors that take into account which I am going to list for you:

  • The search term has a minimum of 150 searches a month
  • I look at the number of links that are pointing to the ranking page and also the quality of those links.
  • I look at the GMBs, are they optimised and can I optimise better than the top 3?
  • How many reviews are being displayed for each of the top 3 businesses?
  • Are there Google Guaranteed listings? I personally do not play where these ads are displayed.
  • How much content is on the ranking pages? This will determine how much content I will need to create for my website.
  • DR & PR are factors but they are not the highest of my concerns.

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