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Guide to selling leads to local businesses

Build an online portfolio of websites that local businesses pay you every month for the leads

Rank and Rent Guide

Welcome to Kocy, your guide to building a sustainable online business selling leads to local businesses anywhere in the world.

This is NOT a “quick, get rich scheme” I am afraid but this is a method of building a business that you can run from home and at your own speed.

If you are willing to put in the effort, I am ready to show you how…


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Local Website Design


What to expect with Kocy?

I started Kocy.org with the simple goal of helping like-minded people build an online property portfolio of websites or assets that local businesses will pay you monthly for the leads you send them.

I really got into this way of “doing business” when COVID hit and I had to change the way I did business because like the rest of the world, my business went down the toilet.

I hope to show you that you can do that same with my easy to follow guides which offer step by step tutorials for you to follow from buying your first domain to reaching out to local businesses and renting your websites.

So much so that my fiance has started doing it herself with ZERO online knowledge.

I am an open book and if you need help, feel free to reach out to me…

** The image to the left is of my newest dog called Loki 🙂

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