Howdy, I’m Craig

If you are not aware yet, the majority of my posts are about building an online portfolio of websites used to sell leads to local businesses.

But there is more to me than just building websites and selling leads…

Welcome to 🙂

If you have not guessed, my name is Craig Riley and this is my website.

I have been building websites and optimising them for businesses around the world for almost 10 years now and I have loved it.

Like 99% of the world, COVID 19 came and pretty much destroyed my business and I had to think fast about my life and business moving forward.

I needed to change the way I did business!

  • Move away from singular jobs eg: one-off websites
  • Move towards a constant monthly revenue stream

March 2020 is when I decided to redesign how I worked and this is when I started building my online assets with the idea of selling leads to local businesses.

This website is very new and it’s my goal to provide guides to help people do what I am doing without the trials and tribulations that I have faced.

Time to share the love 🙂

Some random facts about me


I am a massive dog lover, I have 3 amazing animals.

  • 1 x Labrador called Lola
  • 1 x Staffordshire Bull Terrier call Loki
  • 1 x Pitbull x Staffy called Tank

They all have wonderful natures.


I am born and bred Zimbabwean. I left Zimbabwe for the United Kingdom when I was 20 and came back when I was 34 and despite the country politics, I absolutely love this country. For me, it is the lifestyle. 


I am an avid fisherman. I am not that good but I do try. If I am not home working on my websites (over the weekends) I am fishing. 

It allows me to detach from the internet and enjoy the beautiful dams & rivers Zimbabwe has to offer. 

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