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Xagio Review

I have been using Project Supremacy v3 / Xagio since it was released almost 5 years ago (2017) and I can honestly say that I can not even think of it not being in my life.

This is my review of Xagio and I am going to go through everything that you can expect to get if you decide it is the tool for you.

This software has changed my life and I know it will change your life!!!

Xagio formerly Project Supremacy v3 is a cloud-based WordPress management and SEO tool

Recently, the founders of Project Supremacy v3 decided to rebrand because they are no longer just an SEO plugin with a dashboard. The software offers so much more, keep reading to learn about this product.

What does Xagio actually replace?

Xagio is an ever-growing beast and so far by using Xagio alone you are able to replace 9 different products/tools which will save you a heap of money each month.

  • ahrefs
  • UpdraftPlus (Backup Tool)
  • Long Tail Pro
  • Majestic
  • ManageWP (Website Manegement Tool)
  • Yoast (SEO Plugin)
  • RankTracker (Keyword Tracker)
  • Pretty Link – (URL Shortener)
  • Schema App

Now I know that sounds a little far fetched but it is true and that is why I personally will not ever leave Xagio purely for what it can do and how it helps me with all the websites I own and my client’s sites as well.

Who is Xagio for?

I personally offer website design, local SEO to clients and I am also building up my portfolio of Rank and Rent websites and I use Xagio to optimise and manage them all.

Below you can see a complete breakdown of why specific marketers will love Xagio and how it will/can work for you…

Perfect for Affiliate Marketers

As an affiliate marketer, there is always a lot that needs to be done to your sites day to day.  Xagio’s full suite of features reduces the number of tools you need to get the job done, without compromising on the quality that you are accustomed to.  From unreal keyword research & organization, all the way to optimization.

Affiliate SEO Features

  • Keyword & Competition Research
  • Project Planner (SEO Dashboard)
  • Rank Tracking
  • Branded Affiliate Link Tracking

Affiliate Management Features

  • Automated Site Backups
  • 1 Click Core/Theme/Plugin Updates
  • Uptime, Index & PageSpeed Monitoring
  • 301 Redirect & 404 Management

Features Affiliates Love

  • JSON LD Schema
  • Drag & Drop Visual Silo Builder
  • Collect/Display Aggregate Ratings
  • OpenGraph & Header Scripts

Perfect for Local SEO

Local SEO requires a mix of knowledge and tools to get solid results.  You bring the expertise, and Xagio will do the rest all from a single point of access.  Xagio’s full suite of features will make Local SEO easier & faster than you’ve ever experienced before!

Local SEO Features

  • Keyword & Competition Research
  • Project Planner (SEO Dashboard)
  • Rank Tracking
  • JSON LD Schema

Local Management Features

  • Automated Site Backups
  • 1 Click Core/Theme/Plugin Updates
  • Uptime, Index & PageSpeed Monitoring
  • 301 Redirect & 404 Management

Features Local SEO’s Love

  • Drag & Drop Visual Silo Builder
  • OpenGraph & Header Scripts
  • Plugin & Theme Repository
  • Collect/Display Aggregate Ratings

Perfect for SEO & Web Design Agencies

Xagio is the perfect solution to manage multiple SEO clients in a single software.  Whether you are actively optimizing a clients website, or simply have them on more passive management, Xagio has the features to need to keep your clients happy.

Agency Management Features

  • Automated Site Backups
  • 1 Click Core/Theme/Plugin
  • Updates Tag & Filter Sites By Client
  • Failsafe Recovery

Agency Monitoring Features

  • Rank Tracking
  • Site Uptime
  • Google Index, Speed & Performance
  • aHrefs & Majestic Metrics

Features Agencies Love

  • 1 Click WP-Admin & cPanel Access
  • 1 Click Registrar & Webhost Access
  • Rank Tracking
  • JSON LD Schema

Perfect for WordPress eCommerce

eCommerce sites that run on the combination of WordPress & WooCommerce are a match made in heaven for Xagio.  Organic traffic from optimized eCom sites can bring a flood of new traffic and revenue. Xagio has all the features you need to make that a reality.

eCommerce SEO Features

  • Keyword & Competition Research
  • Project Planner (SEO Dashboard)
  • Rank Tracking
  • Branded Affiliate Link Tracking

eCommerce Management Features

  • Automated Site Backups
  • 1 Click Core/Theme/Plugin Updates
  • Uptime, Index & PageSpeed Monitor
  • 301 Redirect & 404 Management

Features eCommerce’s Love

  • JSON LD Schema
  • Collect/Display Aggregate Ratings
  • OpenGraph & Header Scripts
  • Drag & Drop Visual Silo Builder

Perfect for Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

Running a Private Blog Network is serious business, so you need serious tools.  Xagio makes running a massive Private Blog Network so easy that you can fire your VA (saving you $1000’s), and handle all the tasks yourself in just minutes a day.  All while keeping your PBN live, indexed and secure!

PBN Management Features

  • Automated Site Backups
  • 1 Click Core/Theme/Plugin
  • Updates Uptime, Index & PageSpeed Monitor
  • 301 Redirect & 404 Management

PBN Security Features

  • Rescue Center
  • WP Virus Scanner
  • Comment & Spam Moderation
  • WP Clone

Features PBN Managers Love

  • Tag & Filter Sites By Host Or Registrar
  • Plugin & Theme Repository
  • aHrefs & Majestic Metrics
  • Drag & Drop Visual Silo Builder

Xagio Overview

As I have said, Xagio is a beast and there is so much that it offers for your websites and also for website management etc.

I am going to break down Xagio into two sections to explain everything that is on offer and you are able to use.

Xagio Dashboard
* Click to enlarge

Cloud Control Panel

With the rebrand, the dashboard has had a complete design change bringing a very rich interface that gives you complete control of all the websites that you manage in a few clicks of your mouse.

From the dashboard, you are able to view your entire networks current events at a single glance!  Update your plugins, cores & themes, manage comments and optimize your spam & post revision usage which can take up valuable space.

WordPress Plugin

The plugin connects your website to the cloud dashboard and it is packed with loads of features that you can use every day. A simple plugin will replace many and save space and resources.

It takes minutes to set up your plugin and doing this can save valuable time when building new websites. You are able to easily migrate your SEO settings from Yoast, All In One SEO and so much more which you will see later on in this review.

Xagio WordPress Plugin
* Click to enlarge
By now, you should have an idea of what Xagio is and what it can offer you as a “web person”. Now we are going to deep dive into what each section offers you to give you a much better idea of how you can use it yourself.

Xagio Control Panel

The control panel is 100% cloud-based and you will log into it as you would a normal WordPress website. The great thing about this is you can access it via your phone when you are on the go.

The control panel offers you 7 different features:

  • Dashboard
  • Website Manager
  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Backups
  • Schema Builder
  • WP Repository
  • Manage your sub-user accounts

Below you will find some more information on each feature…

Xagio Dashboard


When you sign up to Xagio, you gain access to your dashboard which gives you a complete overview of your network of websites. Here you can update your plugins, themes, manage comments and delete spam all with a click of a button.

It will also give share important notifications of problems with any websites that you are managing.

  • Website uptime
  • Xagio plugin offline
  • Failed plugin, theme or core updates
  • Backups failed
Xagio Website Manager

Website Manager

The website manager allows you to control your websites with a click of your mouse. Depending on your package you can manage a vast amount of websites (my package allows me to manage up to 1500 websites).

Use Tags to manage your websites

  • Add Unlimited Tags To Each Website
  • Create URL Clickable Tags
  • Drag & Drop To Set Tag
  • Filter & Group Sites By Tags Once Set

Be website informed

  • Website Screenshot
  • Google Performance Check
  • aHrefs & Majestic Stats
  • Uptime Monitor


Xagio Rank Tracker

Keyword Rank Tracker

This has to be one of my most used features in the control panel, I do love knowing where my websites are ranking for their main keywords.

You will now be able to cancel your existing rank tracker subscriptions and let Xagio monitor your keywords.

Global Tracking

  • Track in any language
  • Track in any country
  • Track maps rankings

Keyword Metrics

  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Adwords Cost Per Click
  • Adwords Competition
  • Historical Search Volume

Rank Reporting

  • Historical Ranking Performance
  • Client Reporting
  • Downloadble In JPG, PNG, SVG or PDF
Xagio Website Backups

Website Backups

Another great feature of Xagio is the website backups. Setup the backup schedule and Xagio will automatically take care of the rest for you.

Never worry about your site being hacked or damaged as you will have backups going back up to a year that you can choose from to restore.


  • 5 Convenient Storage Facilities
  • Set A Daily, Weekly or Monthly Backup Schedule
  • Choose A Storage Limit To Save Space
  • Back-Up Multiple Sites At One time


  • Restores Home Directory & Databases
  • Download A Copy To Your Local Machine
  • 1 Click To Restore A Site
  • View Restoration Progress


  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Amazon s3
  • Google Drive
  • FTP


Xagio Schema App

Schema Builder

If you are into the technical aspect of SEO then you fully understand the importance of schema and with over 90% of schema.org types you are sure to find the right schema for your website and what is even better is it is as easy as filling in a form.

All Schema Types

  • Fill In The Fields, Xagio Generates The Code
  • Render JSON Formatted Code With 1 Click
  • 1 Click To Apply Schema To WordPress Sites
  • Copy & Paste Schema Code For Non WP Sites

Clone & Duplicate Schema

  • Clone Schema From Any External URL
  • 1 Click Duplicate Your Own Schema For Fast Reuse
  • Supports Complex Nested Structure Cloning

Stay Organised

  • Tree Style Hierarchy For Easy View
  • Individual naming of Schema Types
  • Create Unlimited Storage Folders For Testing


There are two more features to the control that needs mentioning as they are important…

WordPress Repository

This feature allows you to search, store and deploy your favourite plugins and themes to new WordPress website installations with a simple click of a button saving you loads of time.

Sub-User Accounts

Here you can create sub-accounts on your master account which can be assigned to support staff, virtual assistants and company employees who are working on your websites.

You will have 100% control of their access, assign certain sites, features etc knowing that you can oversee what they are doing.

That is an overview of the Xagio Control Panel and I hope you can see how valuable it will be for you and the management of your website network.

Right, so that was a breakdown of the control panel and you should be able to see value for website management and more. Now we go into the Xagio plugin which is installed on your WordPress websites.

Xagio WordPress Plugin

Much like the control panel, the WordPress plugin is way more than an SEO plugin, it offers you an abundance of different features…

  • Dashboard
  • SEO Plugin
  • 301 & 404
  • Website Reviews
  • Project Planner
  • Silo Builder
  • Link Manager
  • Rank Tracker

The plugin connects your website to the control panel and this will allow you control from all aspects that Xagio offers you.

Xagio WordPress Plugin

Plugin Dashboard

Once you have uploaded the plugin to your website and inputted your Xagio details, your website and the control panel are now connected. You are also provided with an auto-installer plugin that will install the most recent version as well as verify your credentials.

Note: You need to be verified to see all of the plugin options

Auto Installed & Verified

  • No need to remember verification credentials
  • Most recent version auto-installed
  • Activates plugin features immediately

Easy WordPress Set Up

  • Remove all default pages, posts & plugins
  • Remove all default comments & settings
  • Create unlimited content skeleton pages
  • Install favorite plugins & themes

Effortless Migration

  • Imports From Yoast & All In One SEO plugins
  • Imports all basic SEO settings in seconds
  • A stable switch over won’t affect rankings

Config Settings

  • Minify JSON-LD Codesre
  • Captcha protection for form fields
  • Automatic URL redirects on changes
  • Canonical URL control

You will also be able to get all your WordPress and Server information on one page. This is very useful if you are experiencing issues and trying to figure out the issue.

Xagio SEO Settings

Website SEO Controls

Here you are able to set your SEO parameters or your default SEO settings for your whole website. This will save you time down the road and you are assured that your website will always be optimised.

General SEO

  • Blog roll based home page SEO
  • Hide/Show “metatag-keywords”
  • Force WordPress to use Xagio SEO title & description elements

Full Taxonomies Control

  • Posts & pages, categories & tags
  • Dynamic shortcode insertions
  • Custom theme & plugin taxonomies
  • Set no-index & follow rules

Open Graph Social

  • Default open graph settings by page type
  • Supports Facebook & Twitter
  • Quicklink to refresh Facebook Cache
  • Live open graph preview

Webmaster & Scripts

  • Header & Footer Script Insertion
  • Google, Bing, Pinterest & Yandex WMT
  • Global or page-specific. Block global on any page
  • Simple easy to use interface

301 & 404 Redirects

Now, this is something that I use a lot. Probably 90% of the websites that I build, I make an error on a page or I want to tweak the URL for SEO. So I need to 301 the URL to the new page.

In this section, you can set your 301 redirects which are very easy and works like a charm.

Another feature that is awesome is seeing and being able to manage 404 pages. You can see the pages as they are found and you can simply set redirects to the most relevant page.

301 Manager

  • Automatic 301 creation on URL change
  • View & edit your full list of 301 redirects
  • Import 301’s by CSV for bigger projects
  • Set internal or external 301 redirects

404 Monitor

  • Records 404 date & unique hits
  • Records 404 IP, Referrer & User Agents
  • Auto-create 301 from 404 URL
  • Export full list of 404 entires

404 Control

  • Enable/Disable 404 monitoring
  • Enable/Disable spider bot logging
  • Log only ‘live traffic’ 404’s from referrers
  • Set global 301 redirects for 404
Wordpress reviews

Website Reviews

Personally, I have not used this feature as much as I should because it does offer so much value to your website as well as the benefits for ranking your website.

By using this feature you are able to collect and display real reviews for your website visitors. You are able to set it up sitewide or per page.

Once you start collecting reviews you can add that data to your website schema which will allow you to display real reviews on Google search results which will enhance your click-through rate.

Fully Customizable

  • Collect written reviews or star ratings.
  • Choose from 10 review collection fields
  • Auto/manual approval of collected reviews
  • Easy “ALPHA” mode for perfect design blend

Widget & Shortcode Display

  • Fully configurable short code & widget
  • Easy installation globally or per page.
  • Supports pop up reviews modal

JSON Schema Integrated

  • Automatic “review count” & “review rating” calculation
  • Supports both Review Or Rating Schema
  • Get Google Stars in the SERP
Project Planner

Project Planner

Now, this is a very unique feature of the Xagio plugin. The project planner allows you to optimize every page/post from a single dashboard.

I personally have not seen or heard of another plugin that will allow you to do this and it really does help a lot for getting the best rankings for your website.

While you are working on your pages/posts you are able to do keyword research, planning, organization & optimization for every page on your website.

It saves you time and in the end, time is money.

Optimization Dashboard

  • Start with a new plan or import existing pages/posts
  • Auto-generate group ideas through Adwords API
  • Create unlimited ‘projects’ for additional research
  • Automatically create optimized pages from projects

Keyword Research & Planning

  • Drag & drop keywords from one group to another
  • Get keyword volume, CPC & competition
  • Track & view keyword rankings
  • View targeted keywords cloud!

Competition Analysis

  • Green, yellow & red cells tell how easy to rank
  • Automatically look up broad, phrase, inTitle & inURL
  • Automatically calculates Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)
  • Set your own conditional formatting rules

Integrated Rank Tracker

  • Displayed inside Project Planner & Xagio app
  • Tracks daily, weekly & monthly progress
  • Ranking history chart
  • Downloadable reporting for clients
Silo Builder

Silo Builder

Now, this is a very new feature to Xagio and I will be honest and say that I have not spent much time using this feature for whatever reason but the feedback I am seeing is this is absolutely brilliant.

The silo builder is a visual drag & drop editor to create silos on your website!

Build Drag & Drop Silos

  • Get a perfect visual of complex sites
  • Draw your page connections to set URL slug
  • Automatically rewrites URL slugs
  • Simply drag & drop your pages in Silo Structure

Create Physical Silos

  • Physical silos through parent & children structure
  • Physical Silos through interlinked pages
  • Webhost (Through Tag)

Create Virtual Silos

  • Pages including parent & children pages
  • Posts & taxonomies Including tags & categories
  • Map or view internal link structures
  • Map or view external link structures

Even Blog Silos

  • Show post to tag & category relationships
  • Create new tags & categories on the fly
  • Shows unused tags & categories

Canvas Personalization

  • Control line thickness, style & color
  • Control box color by post or page type
  • Canvass zoom in our out
  • 1-Click hide relationships for easy viewing

Silo SEO Settings

  • Control Title, H1, & Description right on the page
  • Automatically updates across WordPress
  • Displays title & description character count

Link Manager

This is one of the best features for me as I use it on 99% of all my websites. The link manager allows you to turn your domain into a type of bitly type link shortener.

Use short codes inside your site or masked links externally and track impression and CTR stats for both!

Link Display Settings

  • Create your own custom URL mask
  • Ex: yourdomain.com/?go=linkname
  • Supports Image or Text based links

Link Options

  • Open in a new window?
  • Add “nofollow” rel tag to link
  • Mask your affiliate links for full privacy.

Internal Use Short Codes

  • Change all short code based links in one spot.
  • Never update multiple sitewide links again
  • Track impressions, clicks & CTR automatically
  • View data on graphical charting

External Masked Links

  • Minify JSON-LD Codesre
  • Captcha protection for form fields
  • Automatic URL redirects on changes
  • Canonical URL control

Full Link Statistics

  • Track impressions, clicks & click-through rate
  • Tracks short code & masked links independently
  • Graphical reporting for link statistics

Rescue Centre

Another fantastic feature that helps when bad things happen to your WordPress website. Here you can see the issues and also fix them immediately.

WP Core File Restore

  • Easy mode safely restores all files of any WP core version
  • Advanced mode allows you to choose which files to restore from any WP Core version.

Plugin & Theme Rescue

  • Remove all default pages, posts & plugins
  • Remove all default comments & settings
  • Create unlimited content skeleton pages
  • Install favorite plugins & themes

Upload Directory Scan

  • One click scanning of entire uploads directory
  • Reports dangerous in red & suspicious in yellow
  • Quick delete of all, or selected files.

WordPress Clone

  • Clones a copy of an entire website
  • Clones entire mySQL table (plugins, themes & settings
  • Super fast and effective cloning
Xagio Conslusion

Xagio Review

Firstly, thank you for reading this post on Xagio, I know it was long but this piece of software offers so much and I hope you can see how it can and will help you manage all your website and also your client’s websites.

I have been using Xagio for a number of years and it is truly a timesaver and also it has helped me gain massive results on Google.

I highly recommend Xagio!!!

If you are not 100% sold on Xagio yet, why not try it for free. You are allowed to manage up to 50 websites which is a winner.

Good luck 🙂

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