How to find clients for your Rank and Rent websites

Guide to finding local clients for your Rank and Rent websites

I get asked this question a lot and in line with Kocy, here is my guide which hopefully will find you client’s for your rank and rent websites.

If you are reading this post, I am going to assume your website has been built, optimised and ranking for keywords in the search engines.

You have a trackable number that is providing your statistics about the calls your website is receiving and you are seeing the email enquiries coming through (if you are getting them).

Before we jump into how I personally reach out to potential clients for my rank and rent sites, let’s go through a few things just to make sure your website is ready to be rented.

Firstly, well done for getting your website to this point, you the finish line is near and you earning money for all your hard work is close.

Is my site ready to be rented?

When is your website ready to be rented to a client? This is a hard question to answer as there is no exact answer. A better question to ask is “if you were a local business, would you pay for your website?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you generating enough phone calls?
  • Are you ranking higher enough on Google?
  • Are you providing enough calls/emails for a business to pay?

The amount of leads being generated has to be in line with what a local business will pay for a monthly fee to lease your website each month.

Your website is generating the right amount of phone calls and it will be a great marketing asset for a local business, let’s move onto how to find a local business to become your client

Find a list of potential clients

Before you can find the perfect client, you need to do some research and find a list of local businesses that will benefit from the phone calls you are generating from your website.

I do this by doing a Google search for niche + location (your main keyword), looking at niche-specific directories etc and then creating a spreadsheet with as many details as I can find on their business. It does take time but it will really help when reaching out to them.

Now there are two methods of finding a client for your website.

  • Local business to local business
  • Bulk emailing

The below methods are for when you are working one business at a time providing value before you speak to them.

Call and email forwarding

The first thing I do when getting my website ready for rent is pick the best business that would be my ideal client out of your list of local businesses (Ideally a business that is not on the first page of Google, their website is not well designed and they have a good reputation).

I then forward all the phone calls and email enquiries to that business with a message alerting them that I sent it to them.

Phone call forwarding

When I set up call forwarding on my rank and rent numbers, I add a whisper which alerts the business that I am sending them a lead, something like:

This is a lead from Craig Riley or This is a lead from Kocy

Only your potential business will hear this message.

That way they are left intrigued by the call and when I reach out to them to discuss the calls they will have an idea who I am and that I have been sending them local leads.

Email forwarding

With email enquiries, I add their business email address to the contact form so that they receive a copy of the email.

In the email body (below the customer enquiry) I also state that this is an email enquiry from Craig Riley/Kocy and please could you contact them to book the job.

Now that your ideal client is receiving your enquiries (calls and emails) from your Rank & Rent website, it is time to monitor the leads and after about a week to 10 days or after they have received a decent amount of enquiries it is time to reach out to that business.

Cold Calling – Pick up the phone

The best way to secure a client for your rank and rent website is by picking up the phone because you get to speak to the client, they can ask questions and you can answer them and you and the client get a chance to decide if renting your site is a good idea.

What I do before I call them, is the night before I send an email to them stating that I am going to be calling and also provide some information about the website, the keywords it ranks for, the number of calls the site is getting etc.

Just so they have some information. I find it helps and they have some knowledge for when you call them.

If you are not great at speaking over the phone, you can try reaching out to them via email.

Emailing the business

 Cold calling may not be for you, that’s ok, making contact with a business via email works as well but it can and will most likely be harder to secure the client but it does work!

So you have been forwarding calls and emails to the business and it is time to reach out and introduce yourself. They should know who you are (kind of) by your whisper before each call and your information in your email enquiries. 

Your first email should be short and to the point… 

Introduce yourself, tell them why you are emailing them and share their current stats (calls and emails) and also provide a doc with a spreadsheet of the calls, duration of the calls and a link to listen to the calls, as this helps verify that you have been sending them leads.

Personally, I prefer doing the above methods when trying to rent a website. You prove value in terms of sending leads to a business before you speak with them with the hope that they have actually secured new business from your website. Then it is a case of showing them your website and selling your site for your agreed monthly fee. 

The other option for finding a business to rent your website is by doing it in bulk.

Finding a client using bulk emails

As you probably guessed, this technique is a bit brasher and you will have to have compelling sales speak in your emails.  

Using your list of local businesses (hopefully you found their name, email addresses, business location etc) that you found that would suit renting your website, you reach out to them in bulk. 

There are a number of platforms that will allow you to send bulk emails that will also provide you with some form of stats to tell you who has opened your emails, clicked links etc. 

Below is a type of email example that you could send to all relevant businesses. 

Bulk email example

Hello {name}

My name is Craig and I am reaching out to you because I have a business that I created which targets people searching for (niche + Location) on Google. 

It is currently getting xxx calls (provide a document that is attached to this email) and xxx email enquiries per month. 

I am looking for a company that I can send all these enquiries to who is in a position to service these leads. 

If you are in a position to take on more customers and would like to discuss me forwarding all the enquiries to your business, please reply to this email and I will send you all the leads for FREE for 1 week and after that we can talk further. 

Any more questions, please call me on 555 123 456. 



When you send out an email like that to 30, 40 or 50 businesses you should get some kind of response because not many businesses would turn down 30 phone calls a month. 

Do what is best for you

I have used both methods and I have found success but it will totally come down to you and what you feel comfortable with.

In time you will find your technique and renting your site will happen quicker. 


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