Rank and Rent Challenge

Welcome to THE CHALLENGE… I am going to be documenting the full process I go through when building a rank and rent website.

Welcome to Kocy’s Rank and Rent Challenge

If you are not aware, Kocy.org is all about Rank and Rent and helping like-minded people build, rank and rent local websites to businesses who would like more phone calls.

What is Rank and Rent?

Rank and rent is a type of SEO where you build, rank a website, like a plumber, moving company or tree feller, and then rent the ranking website to a local service provider that wants those leads. Rank and Rent is just another word for selling leads to local businesses.

I am going to be documenting the whole process from choosing the main keywords, building the website, ranking the website to position #1. I am going to do my best to explain what I am doing and sharing as much information as possible without giving away the niche until later on in the challenge.

By sharing and documenting my process, hopefully, it will become a guide that everyone can follow and use to build a residual income by renting local websites.

As you go through the Rank and Rent Challenge, please be aware that I will not be sharing the niche, location or the domain I have selected to build. There are many reasons why I would love to show everyone but there are a few reasons why I will not, mainly people sabotaging the website.

It will be shown to you towards the end of the challenge 🙂 

Rank and Rent Process

Rank and Rent - Keyword Research

Keyword Research

This is my way of doing keyword research using only a couple of tools and common sense.

Rank and Rent Challenge - domain & hosting

Domain & Hosting

A quick and easy guide to choosing the best domain and hosting for your rank and rent website.

Rank & Rent Course